Dialogue Series No 3 - Transforming War Economies

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Martina Fischer & Beatrix Schmelzle (eds.)

Transforming War Economies. Dilemmas and Strategies

This Dialogue sets out to assess the usefulness of current analytic approaches and policy recommendations in dealing constructively with war economies. Starting off with an overview of the state of the debate by Karen Ballentine and Heiko Nitzschke, respondents from a broad variety of backgrounds add their reflections, strategies and critique.

Single articles in this dialogue include:

Martina Fischer & Beatrix Schmelzle

Introduction: Dilemmas and Options in Transforming War Economies

Karen Ballentine & Heiko Nitzschke

The Political Economy of Civil War and Conflict Transformation

Olu Arowobusoye

Why They Fight: An Alternative View on the Political Economy of Civil War and Conflict Transformation

Peter Lock

War Economies and the Shadow of Globalisation

Nicola Palmer

Defining a Different War Economy: The Case of Sri Lanka

Volker Böge & Angelika Spelten

The Challenge of War Economies: The Role of the International Community and Civil Society Organisations

Karen Ballentine & Heiko Nitzschke

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